We are pleased to introduce The K&Nís Way Club - An extension of ĎThe K&Nís Wayí- our way of bringing you safe and healthy, all natural chicken by managing and controlling all stages of poultry production under one umbrella, with over 50 years of poultry excellence and HACCP System Certification.
Remaining true to raison d'Ítre (reason to exist): for Health and Happiness of the Nation, we now invite you to join The K&Nís Way Club and...

Experience Rewards The K&Nís Way!
- Our way of saying thank you for your continued confidence as we endeavour to remain a brand par excellence


Award Points and eVouchers earned during a Calendar Year (Jan 1-Dec 31) shall expire on June 30 of following year. E.g. Award Points earned in February 2018 shall expire on June 30th 2019. Award Points earned in December 2018 also expire on June 30th 2019.
For further details please call our helpline 0800-11567.